Navigate Bad Weather Without Any Issues

Hire us for transfer case repair services in Casper, WY

Did you know that your car's transfer case helps with the performance of rear-wheel, front-wheel and all-wheel drive? Without a transfer case, your vehicle will struggle to gain traction in difficult road conditions. If you want to keep your car in tiptop shape, Dayton Transmission can provide transfer case repair services that meet your needs.

We'll work hard to ensure your car can make it through all kinds of slippery situations, including snow, ice and rain. Call us now to arrange for transfer case repair services in Casper, WY.

3 good reasons to replace your transfer case

Wondering if you should get transfer case replacement services in Casper, WY? Dayton Transmission recommends getting a new transfer case if:

  1. Your 4WD won't engage
  2. Your fluid is leaking or contaminated
  3. Your transmission gears aren't shifting properly
Our auto shop will never overcharge for work. We value fair pricing and honest customer service. For transfer case replacement services that you can trust, come by our shop today.